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Gaze: Photographing Detroit
Core Series
Monday, November 12, 2012 6:30pm
Wood Auditorium
Gaze: Photographing Detroit
With Danielle Aubert, Robert Beauregard, Andrew Herscher, Andrew Moore, and Camilo José Vergara
Danielle Aubert, Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies
Andrew Moore, Detroit Disassembled
Camilo José Vergara, American Ruins
with Robert Beauregard, Columbia University GSAPP and Andrew Herscher, University of Michigan

Detroit, Michigan, is one of the most photogenic US cities today. Vibrant or vacant, symbolizing crisis or hope—this conversation brings together renowned photographers Andrew Moore and Camilo José Vergara and graphic designer Danielle Aubert to discuss their distinct and compelling representations of the Motor City.

Moore’s monumental photographs of the city’s ruins in Detroit Disassembled and Vergara’s documentation of its transformation over time in Detroit Is No Dry Bones are concurrently on display at the National Building Museum in Washington DC, while Aubert’s recently released Detroit success story 
Thanks for the View, Mr. Mies (coedited with Lana Cavar and Natasha Chandani) zooms in on the lives of Mies van der Rohe’s urban renewal project Lafayette Park in micro-detail.

They will be joined by Robert Beauregard, Urban Planning, and Andrew Herscher, University of Michigan and author of the forthcoming The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit.

Books available at the event by Mobile Libris
Photo credits: 1. "Rouge Photograph" © Andrew Moore, courtesy of Yancey Richardson Gallery 2: "Will & Jasmine," photo by Corine Vermeulen, with Danielle Aubert, Lana Cavar and Natasha Chandani 3: "Beverly & Richard," photo by Corine Vermeulen, with Danielle Aubert, Lana Cavar and Natasha Chandani 4: "2012 Mies-ter Egg Hunt," photo by Vasco Roma 5: "Neil McEachern," photo by Vasco Roma Event photos by Tina Gao, Columbia University GSAPP